Easily fix the DNS error and access the internet quickly

If the DNS error occurs in the computer the user will feel difficult to access the computer and to do some work over the internet. The first thing that the users must do is understand the problem and then he needs to resolve it so that user can go back to use the internet by solving all the problems. The abbreviation for the DNS literally is Domain Name Service. This helps the internet users to locate the website on the internet. If the internet is not active then the DNS error will occur.

Purpose of DNS:

The major reason for the need of DNS is to have the IP address in which it is very much useful for the great lead routing. If the person typed in the URL to browse then it is understandable that it is right after displayed after the http. This is the domain name of the website.  The DNS will translate the domain name into numerical IP addresses which is useful for the computer to know the address and then it will access the website from the server. This will helpful for not relying on the single site in checking for the dns server is not responding, the problem is occurring in the specific site or not in common.

Step for solving the DNS error:

The general issue which was experienced in the DNS error is not from the DNS alone. The general error will be occu8r in the network, but not in the DNS. This type of internet problem can be solved easily. The user has to find the network icon and they must click and select the option to repair. This will fix the minor errors in the DNS. Now the user must go to run and he must retrieve the old IP address by typing ‘ipconfig’ and the IP address is renewed by typing ‘ipconfig renew’s. Then the user can make some changes in the own settings and big changes in the properties of a network connection. And the most important thing is checking whether the cables are properly connected. This issue can be fixed easily and easily solved.



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