Fix Dns Server Not Responding Error

DNS server not responding showing only for some websites

Sometimes the error message happens to only some websites because it might be down. But this won’t happen on authority websites like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo. You cannot expect these websites to be down and it happens very rarely. Following the systematic steps you can fix the dns server not responding error.

 Different reasons for this issue occurring as follows

DNS Server Not Responding Error because of a corrupted security.

Security software is another major culprit responsible for DNS Server Not Responding error. For all security software tends to get corrupted over a period of time for reasons could be like file corruption while updating files, conflicts with other software or indirect changes to security settings as a result of intentional or unintentional changes made on your PC. This might cause the security software to block internet connection.

Disable security software especially the firewall settings. Then check if the issue is fixed.

 Check if the internet works fine in safe mode with networking

Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode which allows only the essential operating system files and drivers to load. In this mode with networking, apart from the basic OS files and drivers, network driver is also loaded which enable internet connection. The logic of it is If the internet connection works fine in safe mode with networking, then third party services or driver is responsible for the problem by blocking the internet. If the issue is still not fixed, then it might be some other problem.

Other solutions to try for DNS Server Not Responding(If above mentioned methods fail)This solution works for wireless connection issues Start -> control panel -> network and sharing center-> change adapter settings on the left side -> disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, if present.IfMicrosoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter is not present in the location, go to device manager and disable it.Start -> Run ->Type devmgmt.msc ->Click View tab ->Select Show Hidden devices ->Expand Network Adapters -> Disable Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, if present Check the status


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