Follow the steps to fix the DNS server error

Most of the people like to fix the DNS server error. This error can be fixed by going to the root of the problem. There are several reasons that cause the DNS server errors. By using the best things it is easy to fix the DNS server error. The expansion of the DNS is ‘Domain Name System’. The computers connected to the internet will have the ideal IP address. This is the number which is separated by the dots.

 Reason for the occurrence of DNS server errors:

This error message occurs if the server is not able to solve the IP address that related to the domain name that has been typed by the user. This problem may occur in two ways, one way is if there is any problem in the connectivity or if there is any problem with the web hosting which will create the DNS error. The general question arises for the user is how to how to fix dns server error? This problem can be fixed by using some of the issues. The first and foremost thing is the user must change the settings in the firewall. Because the firewall is the one in which it controls the outgoing and incoming of the internet data to the PC. Sometimes there will be chance for browser blocking. This problem can be rectified by seeking the help form the computer repair companies. Or the user can configure the setting sin the firewall by opening the ‘Control panel’.

Solve the problem easily:

If the user opens the website in the browser the computer immediately sends the request to the DNS server for the translation of the IP address. The IP address information is stored in the ‘DNS cache’, which is present in the computer. When the user opens the same website again then the DNS information is retrieved from the cache and it provide  faster browsing. The unsuccessful attempt which was happening earlier in retrieving the IP address, The computer will stire the negative information attempted which give the DNS error. This can be solved by clearing the DNS cache. In the command prompt, type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and reload it then this problem will be solved.


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