How is MilesWeb WordPress Hosting the Best for Your Fashion Blog

Picking the right dress, shoes, and accessories for the right occasion is a gift that very few possess. Although many underestimate its importance and wave it off, you can’t help but emphasize the need to look perfect. No wonder fashion bloggers get too much attention these days!

If fashion is what you have determined as your innate passion, you would also have, at some point, thought to share your enthusiasm with others.

And why wouldn’t you! True fashion comes from being bold and trying out things where others would hesitate.

So, it should come as no surprise when I state that starting a fashion blog is an endeavor that can get overwhelming if you slack.

But, that shouldn’t be an issue for a true fashionista to dazzle others with outfits as well as blog writing.

Why is WordPress Hosting Best for a Fashion Blog?


Web hosting plays a crucial role in the successful creation and propagation of any blog. The hosting service helps you decide the threshold for web traffic, loading speeds and so on.

Bloggers have to be especially careful while choosing their hosting service, especially those in the fashion niche, where people prefer blogs that keep it simple yet manage to dazzle them. The problem is, it takes time and effort to create that ‘dazzle,’ which is not possible if you opt for regular shared hosting.

Enter WordPress hosting, a boon to the blogging community all around the world. Why do you ask?

Fashionista, Gal Meets Glam, Could I have That, Vintage Reflection are some of the most famous fashion blogs around. But, they share a lot more than just viral popularity. All these blogs use WordPress for their websites.

WordPress gives some of the best themes that pair up quite well with a fashion blog. Not only that, you get an assortment of plugins to induct extra features in your website like a pro.

WordPress Hosting is a hosting service that has pre-installed WordPress and is pre-configured so that you can create or manage WordPress sites without any additional settings. You can readily start making your blog on the WordPress that is already present with the WordPress hosting.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Service

MilesWeb is an international web hosting company that provides a wide range of hosting solutions to clients all over the globe. They have a reputation for providing quality web hosting services at affordable prices.

MilesWeb has some incredibly brilliant WordPress hosting plans designed to accommodate the requirements and budget of its clientele.

Here are some of the salient features of MilesWeb’s best WordPress hosting India:

  • Performance: MilesWeb has a scalable cloud infrastructure with features like inbuilt server caching, SSD hardware, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 support. It is ideal for optimizing load speeds and handling huge traffics for websites.
  • Updates: Keeping your on-site plugins updated can be exhaustive as WordPress issues regular updates. The technical team at MilesWeb regularly checks for updates and installs them to keep your WordPress site up-to-date.
  • Datacenter choice: The thing with hosting a website is that it is much well-received by the audience that belongs to regions close to the datacenter. MilesWeb provides the datacenter of your choice so that you can better your blog for your target audience. You can choose among the datacenters located in six international locations.
  • Managed hosting: This feature is my personal favorite. WordPress hosting with MilesWeb is a managed WordPress cloud hosting service where every technical aspect of your hosting is taken care of by their expert team. It solves a lot more of your problems than you think. The tech team will take care of other technical stuff of the hosting in the background. They optimize settings to handle your traffics, software, etc. With a managed hosting, all you have left to do is work on your blog.
  • Backups: Data Backups are lifesavers in case of data losses. Data losses are a result of hacking attempts, malware infection, etc. However, having a data backup will save your website from the resulting tragedies like rewriting and uploading the content or loss of information like email lists and such. MilesWeb takes automatic data backups that ensures the safety of your content and information.

The highlight of MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting is that the extra features and perks you get with its WordPress hosting are at the same price as its shared hosting services. What’s more, your WordPress hosting will be managed entirely by MilesWeb.

Long story short!

A fashion blog deserves the undivided attention of the blogger. You are not allowed to slack in giving the people what they want while also keeping your website working at optimum. The idea behind MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting is to assist you in keeping your blog running without getting in the way of your work. They look after your hosting while you can concentrate on bettering your blog. So, you don’t have to worry about making configurations and tweaking the settings here and there. Just focus on your blog and leave the hosting maintenance to them.


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