How to get the iPad pro bent fix?

iPad pro bent fix

Apple was compelled to declare in 2019 that its newest iPad Pros were twisting or warping very little simply because of the way the devices were constructed. It came after a slew of complaints from property owners. Apple maintained at the time that it was not a flaw. The same flaw caused certain iPhones to distort when carried in people’s pockets, and the issue has since been dubbed “Bendgate.”

“In this case, Apple is proposing to exchange the iPad due to false information provided about the 14-day refund policy, that does not apply to replacement devices,” it writes. This implies that individuals who paid its out-of-warranty costs in exchange for a replacement have no recourse if that item breaks as well. Let’s know more about ipad pro bent fix.

How can I tell if my iPad does have a bending issue?

Bending may be noticed by placing an iPad Pro on a level surface or propping it up and inspecting the side. The majority of the bends we’ve encountered were easily detected utilising a few of these two ways. Because of a production fault, the bending stated by Apple would be obvious immediately away when the iPad Pro is unboxed.If your iPad Pro has a significant bend or a curve that emerges after several weeks or even months, it was most likely not affected by the folding issue discussed in this tutorial and may have been damaged.

ipad pro bent fix

Is the bent getting worse?

According to Apple, the slight differences in the flatness of the iPad Pro are attributable to the manufacturing process, and the bends will not worsen with time or damage the enclosure’s strength. All tablets will bend if you try hard enough, so the iPad Pro must still be handled with care, especially as it is Apple’s thinnest iPad ever at 6.1mm. According to Apple, if you have an iPad Pro model with a minor bend, it will not become worse during typical usage.

Does Apple fix the bent iPad?

iPads are not repaired by Apple or Apple Stores. Only replaces devices that are in or out of warranty. Unfortunately, the one-year free, limited AppleCare coverage doesn’t cover either unintentional or intentional user damages. The complementary, limited warranty covers only manufacturing flaws. Unless you can establish that the bend was induced by a manufacturing flaw, you would have to pay around 60% of the original price of the iPad to replace it.

If you had bought paid, extended, two-year+ AppleCare+ for this iPad at the time of sale orwithin 60 days of buying, a substitute device would have only cost you $49 and NOT 60% of that iPad’s original pricing for the identical refurbished device replacement.


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