How to go proxy

How to go proxy

Most people want to hide their identities online, and now there are various ways to do so. It is because anyone going through your browsing history will figure out what your personal choices are along with other details which should be kept confidential. The needhides identities have given rise to so many options of which few are incredible, and others have just taken up space is out there. When you are keen on having your identity masked at least for a particular point of time, better to check on to something credible and is worth the effort of being unknown in the online space. A lot of information about a person can be got through the online data presence you have through all the browsing you do. If you don’t want anyone to trace your steps on the online world, you will have to be careful as not leave behind your real identity, go to places with free proxy.

free proxy

why it is relevant

The proxy will serve you as good stead if you happen to choose the right one. When you have an online presence, you can be tracked through the email accounts to the various site accounts to social networking sites that you may have. Hence you will have to hold anonymous IDs in these places to go completely underground and get online unknowingly. This way is lesser chances for anyone to keep track of you right to your service provider who will not be able to keep track of your presence online or any sites that you have visited and how long you were online too. It is now possible to have a free proxy.

There are so many people around trying hard to get onto information so that they can satisfy their motives right from marketing brands to authorities, so they will be spying on you, and the sites that you visit will be known to them and this where they can get at you if you get on with your real identity.When they get a hand at your data, they will make you try to buy their product get you to spend money or know your whereabouts; this can sometimes be like being stalked online. Some of the harmful elements of the society who chance upon such information can use it to their benefit, such as to extort money or get information about your credentials or personal information and blackmail you. This can be a nightmare for many who aren’t careful. There are people online ready for their next prey, going proxy will help you not to get into their net.


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