How VPS Hosting Helps Your High Traffic Website?

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Considering you have hosted your website on the shared hosting server and need an upgrade, here is something you should know.

Getting a shared hosting plan for your new website is always a great choice to make, but what if the resources on your shared server exhaust?

Shared hosting provides low-cost web hosting plans but considerably lacks resources when the traffic on the website increases.

Switching to VPS hosting is the best choice to make when your website requires resources not available with shared servers.

Although shared hosting is the most popular choice for novice website owners due to its low cost, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. One of the most significant disadvantages of hosting your website on a shared server is the impact of other websites on its performance. If one of the server’s websites receives traffic, it affects the other websites on the same server. Other websites get affected because all of the resources on that server are shared by numerous websites.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is based on the virtualization policy, in which a single physical server is divided into numerous virtual computers using virtualization software known as the hypervisor. Dedicated resources are assigned to each virtual server based on the needs of the user. Unlike a shared hosting plan, however, each virtual server’s performance is unaffected by the performance of other virtual servers. Furthermore, because they do not share the same IP address, any security breach on one website has no impact on other websites on the same server. Thie dedicated IP makes it an excellent upgrade from shared hosting.

VPS Benefits That Make It a Better Option for High-Traffic Websites.

Increased Reliability:

As the amount of traffic on a shared hosting server grows, it may begin to slow or encounter outages. VPS hosting can handle a spike in traffic better than shared hosting. All the resources assigned to a virtual server are used by a single website giving the impression of a dedicated server to the customer. As a result, it puts less load on the server and, as a result, delivers better website dependability than Shared Hosting.

Freedom of Software Installation:

With shared hosting, your software and operating system options are limited to the hosting provider’s preferences. VPS hosting, on the other hand, allows you to install the operating system of your choosing. If you don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of server management, you might go with a managed VPS hosting package. Many hosting companies provide specialists to handle the configuration and software requirements, allowing your website to handle large traffic volumes.

Control over the Server: 

With best Linux VPS hosting provider, you have complete root access to your virtualized environment in addition to the software freedom. You can adjust your server and install apps to manage heavy traffic. In addition, security apps play an essential role in traffic control.

Dedicated Resources are Available: 

Unlike shared hosting, where the server’s resources are divided among the websites hosted, VPS hosting provides a dedicated environment with a set number of resources for a single website.

Better Security:

Cybercriminals and spammers frequently target websites with a significant volume of visitors. VPS hosting is less prone to cyber security risks due to its virtual environment and account isolation. VPS hosting also provides full root access, which gives you complete control over your server. VPS hosting allows you to install and modify security programs of your choice to strengthen protection.

Seamless Scalability: 

If you manage an e-commerce site, you’ve probably seen a traffic surge over the holiday season. And it would have occurred to you at the time if you had the opportunity to scale your resources. VPS hosting easily solves the scalability issue.

Time Savings

When compared to Linux shared hosting, VPS provides a 20-fold increase in response time due to SSD hosting. An increase in the response time means there will be no delays in the loading of your website.

VPS hosting works straightforwardly. Other accounts will have no access to your virtual server.

Your needs are taken into account while allocating resources. As a result, you will have complete control over your website, allowing you to install software without the need for customer support.

Lowering Costs

Every year, the cost of a VPS decreases, making it a viable alternative for small enterprises.

Because it employs advanced computer technology, all necessary services, such as software, hardware, and infrastructure, are incorporated.

With VPS, you won’t have to pay extra for computer software that must be loaded on your devices.

Why use a VPS server?

  • Websites Hosting

Do you have a website that receives a limited number of visitors? Or do you have five to ten websites that only get a little traffic? In any case, make it a point to choose VPS because it is the best and most appropriate option for you. Without a doubt, VPS can host multiple websites, even those that receive a lot of traffic, handling them efficiently.

  • Document Storage

Some individuals use virtual private servers (VPS) to host files that must be accessible from anywhere around the globe. VPS allows you to save and retain all of your data on the Cloud, whether personal or business information, backups or photos.

To Conclude

VPS hosting provides a lot of benefits if you want to host multiple websites with high traffic. Scalability, reliability, uptime, performance are some of the major advantages of VPS hosting over other hosting types.


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