IAG Solution: Secure And Control Internet Access

secure internet gateway

With billions of active users the around the world, it turned into a lifeline in all these aspects:

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Education
  • Government
  • Social
  • Business

Businesses can’t operate without the increase and the Internet encourages the use of IoT and BYOD in all organization areas. Business models are built, production is optimized, investments are managed and tracked and products are constructed and sold. But, what occurs when the wonders of the Internet become a distraction to security risks and employees’ organizations? A secure web gateway will be the right solution to that, it protects the users from web-based threats by applying and enforcing corporate acceptable use policies.

How to access the website safely?

Accessing a website can be risky. You can possibly access website web viruses and malicious ware that can affect your computer system, which is frightening. SWG secures users from accessing malicious website traffic online and in the cloud that can infect the devices and compromise the business’s internal network. It can ensure the users access the internet in compliance with the regulation policies of an organization.

An SWG or secure web gateway is a security solution preventing unsecured internet traffic from accessing the internal network. It is a security tool used by the enterprises to safeguard the users and employees from accessing and infecting by the following:

  • malicious web traffic
  • websites with vulnerabilities
  • internet-borne viruses
  • malware
  • other cyberthreats

It ensures the compliance and implementation of the regulatory policy of an organization. When using a secure internet gateway, it must provide an optimal function, including:

  • URL filtering
  • Malicious-code detection and filtering
  • Application controls for popular cloud applications, such as:

secure internet gateway

  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Skype
  • Integrated data loss prevention

Why are secure web gateways needed?

It is necessary to use secure web gateways services, especially nowadays. Employees accessing applications and data solely through the corporate database are over because they are not bound to the corporate headquarters. They worked at home, at branch offices, or at any other location. These mobile employees need to access their work using apps from their smartphones, laptop, and other endpoint devices, and software they are accessing in the cloud, instead of a data center.

However, traditional network security controls are unable to secure the mobile world and new cloud appropriately. Companies that rely on the traditional network security infrastructure on securing Internet-bound traffic should backhaul traffic over pricey Multiprotocol Label Switching links back to the SWG in the data center. There is a negative effect on the productivity when using the traditional one, such as:

  • Slows flow of traffic
  • Frustrated and less-productive employees

The legacy secure web gateways are built for the world of cloud and mobility.


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