Radio Communication: Amateur Radio India

Radio Communication

Communication is performed by direct mediating electromagnetic waves regardless of the wired transmission line. 1895 Since G. Marconi succeeded in experimenting with wireless communication, he made epoch-making progress with inventions such as electron tubes and semiconductor elements. Initially, it used low frequencies such as long and medium waves (ground waves), and then shortwave (using reflections by the ionosphere). However, in line with the rapid increase in communication volume, high frequencies such as microwaves have come to be used to effectively use (multiplex) wireless lines.

Currently, radio waves used for wireless communication includes longwave (10~100kHz), medium wave (100kHz~1.5MHz), shortwave (1.5~30MHz), ultra-short wave (30~300MHz), microwave (300MHz~30GHz), etc. Longwave is international standard frequency broadcasting and underwater communication. The medium wave is for radio broadcasting and ship communication (for short-range), shortwave is an international communication and ship communication (for long-distance use), etc. Ultra-short waves are used for television broadcasting, fixed-line communications, communication with automobiles, and aircraft. Microwaves are used for transmission lines such as ultra-multiplex telephones and televisions. In addition, there is a communication network using artificial satellites for international microwave communication.

amateur radio india

International Amateur Radio Union

In 1925, amateur radio enthusiasts from around the world met in Paris. It was founded with representatives of 25 countries as members. Abbreviation IARU. To improve radio technology, expressing opinions at international conferences on radio relations promoted international friendly relations. The RENGO consists of amateur radio organizations representing each country, regional organizations in Asia like amateur radio india operators and the Pacific, Europe and Africa, and the Americas and their executive committees, the headquarters of the Union. The headquarters of the Union is the headquarters of amateur radio organizations elected by the mutual election of the amateur radio organizations that make up the federation, and since the establishment of the federation, the representative amateur radio organizations of the United States have continued to function as the headquarters of the federation.

There are more than 20,000 certified hams amateur radio india operators throughout the country. You may reap a General or Restricted license from the WPC, after passing the respective examination. The WPC additionally video displays units and coordinates regulations, call signs, and allocated frequency spectrum bands inside the country.

What is the international amateur radio Union (IARU)?

It is also active in communication in the event of an emergency disaster such as an earthquake or flood and emergency medical communication and is also useful for society. The international amateur radio Union (IARU), is a member of amateur radio organizations from around the world. It is organized to protect spectrum and other interests, monitor intrusive radio waves, and provide assistance to developing countries. It is eligible to participate in its committees, and its regional organizations discuss and make decisions on issues specific to the three regions of the world.


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