Significance Of Penetration Testing Singapore

Significance Of Penetration Testing Singapore

The Internet is at the core of everything in the 21st century. In the future, everything will shift on the internet. The coronavirus boosted this shift. As a result, we can see already many business activities are now totally conducted on the internet. The dependence on the internet is growing with every new coming technology. Most of the private information and money transactions take place online. When our reliability on the internet has increased so much, the security of the internet becomes necessary. Cyber security is one of the most discussed topics recently. People want to make sure that their network is secured. Data is more valuable than money in modern times.  And when there’s so much data available on the internet, it becomes a perfect place for hackers to attack cyber security, breach it and steal valuable information. All of it makes it mandatory to have penetration testing singapore.

What is penetration testing?

When the online network is so vulnerable to cyber-attacks, using the latest technology to prevent such attacks is essential. One way to do it is by attacking our online network and finding the weak spots ourselves. Penetration testing or ethical hacking is the method of performing a cyber-attack with legal permission. The purpose is to test the security of an online network and find the weak spots. By finding vulnerabilities in the network, we can work on them and make sure to get rid of them.

penetration testing singapore

Penetration testing in Singapore

Singapore has some of the best penetration testing services to offer. The Internet naturally promotes globalization. With its help, you can connect with a company providing ethical hacking in Singapore through your city. On the internet, you can also find a variety of agencies that offer their services. You can inspect and choose the best services.

Different types of penetration testing methods

  • The external testing

As the name goes, the external testing attacks what’s visible on the company’s website. Email, web applications, etc., are targeted to gain valuable data about the company.

  • Blind testing

This is a crafty testing method; the targeted enterprise’s name is the only thing being given. It gives enterprise employers responsible for network security a chance to discover how their security can be broken in a real scenario.

  • Internal testing

The tester has access to the farewell in an internal testing method. Through this, he stimulates a malicious attack and tries to breach network security.


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