Solve the DNS problem by using an effective method

The DNs error will make the user to access the internet with lots of effort. The user should not make  any modifications in the computer without knowing the problem. Identifying the problem will help the user to rectify the problems easily and effectively. DNA is nothing but Domain Name Service. This is very much useful to find the website on the internet. In case if the internet is not active then the DNS error problem will occur.

Main use of DNS:

The main reason for using the DNS is it helps to find the IP address which act as the router. As soon as the user types the website name, then it automatically displayed after the http. The common problem examined by the user is dns server is not respondingerror . This is very important because it is the domain name of the website. The computer knows the address of the particular website in which the DNS will translate the domain name into a numerical IP address. This is very much useful to access the server. This will help the user to find whether this problem is occurring on the single site or not in general.

Tips to resolve the DNS problem:

The most common problem which was experienced in the DNS error is not alone from the DNA sometimes it may occur in the network connection. This kind of problem can be resolved easily. The user must go to the network icon and he must click the repair option. This will fix the major errors in the DNS. Then the user must run and get the old IUP address by typing ‘ipconfig’ and must renew it by typing ‘ipconfig renew’. The user can make some changes in the settings and some great changes in the network connection properties. And the most important things are checking whether the cable is connected properly to the computer and to other devices. By following the steps given the user can solve the problem easily without any difficulty. And it is must refresh before searching for the website. It will help the user to access the internet quickly.



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