Telltale Signs that You Need a New Website

Your website is supposed to draw traffic if not new business deals. If it ceases to do just like that, it is a classic sign that you need a new website. There are other signs that you should watch out. To give you an idea, here are other signs telling you that you need a new website:

If your site is not fast enough

Google is placing more weight on speed especially for mobile searches. If your website is not fast enough, it will affect its ranking factor. Aside from the technical aspects, you should look at the viewer’s point of view – you would not expect your viewers to wait for more than 30 seconds just for your content to load.

Users these days are impatient – they will bounce back to the search results if your site is not fast enough to load and this is bad for your business. Without a doubt, if your site is slow to load, it is time to change it.

If your site is not mobile-friendly

The mobile phone user population is increasing. With this in mind, you have to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. If your site contents fall apart when using a mobile phone, it will drastically affect user experience. As mentioned, Google places more weight on speed for mobile searches.

If your site does not convert

If your side does not covert sales, leads or email subscribers, it means you have to address the problem by changing the design and emphasizing conversion content. Sometimes, the problem with conversion is something bigger like poor SEO, weak user experience and technical problems.

So, what’s next?

You can create a site if you have basic knowledge but if you want a positive outcome, you should not be afraid to invest. By investing in a web design company in San Antonio, you will be assured that all aspects will be handled by professionals from design to bug fixes and security updates.

To help you find the ideal web design company, here are some factors you should look into:

  • Cost: cost is the main deciding factor but you have to look past that and think about quality work. You should shop around so you can get a comparison and settle with the company that fits your budget.
  • Experience: the right company should have many years in the business. With this, you are assured that they are experts when it comes to creating, upgrading and fixing of websites.
  • Location: you can choose local companies for easy communication but if you cannot find one, you can consider overseas web design companies. While overseas companies offer cheaper prices, there is one challenge that you have to prepare – time difference. This can significantly delay your project.
  • Web services: your website needs many things like web development, SEO and many more. The right company will offer different services to streamline the processes.
  • Portfolio: you should not miss portfolio because it highlights the past and current works of the company. With this, you can get a sense of how they work.


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