Top Instagram Tips for Authors and Writers

Using instagram can be an excellent marketing tool for authors and writers, if they understand how to use it for proper advertising.

Here are some simple but very important tips:

  1. When setting up your instagram account, always use your real name or nickname by which one is known. Using your real name will give you more credibility than if you used a stupid or stupid name. People who want to follow you are more likely to find you if they search for your real name and your account will appear immediately. As a writer, your name is also your brand, so using your name promotes your brand!
  1. In the same line as using your real name, always use your real image. Most people decide to use only one shot in the head instead of one shot of the whole body, because headshots are still perfectly visible when they are reduced. Instagram will reduce your image to small proportions (only about 1 square centimeter), so it’s very difficult to identify a person if one was away from the camera when the picture was taken. It is important to make sure that it is easy to recognize that your followers do not follow a college student in California under a name similar to yours.

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  1. Publish interesting content related to your books, areas of interest to you and topics that are relevant to you and your subscribers. From time to time, you can expand and talk about current events, but do not use your buy likes on instagram as a springboard for your political views, unless it is your area of ​​expertise. In the same way, do not instagram every time you eat a piece of bread. Such tweets can cause subscribers to eclipse.
  1. Brevity is one of the main functions of instagram, so learn to say what you want to say using as few characters as possible. This is one of the most difficult parts of a tweet for some authors, since words are the source of their existence, and instagram is not a place for long prose. If you need to specify more than the allowed number of characters, use an abbreviated URL to link your subscribers to a blog or an external site. Never send your message through several instagram, as it may not look the way you wanted, and can be misleading.
  1. Include your instagram ID (and links to other social networking sites) at the end of your book or at the end of your work. This can help increase the number of followers you have, which means that anyone who sees more ads will be instagram and you can click for more in this article. 


Using instagram as a marketing tool can be simple and effective for authors or writers. Following these five tips will help you begin the path to a successful instagram.


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