Why Your Business Should Stick with AS/400

AS400 hosting

Enterprises these days are continuously looking for ways to decrease operational expenses at the same time gain more flexibility when it comes to addressing the growing needs of every infrastructure. For this to be successful, enterprises invest in cloud hosting services from IBM.

IBM Power Systems have been in the industry since 1980. Who can forget the classic AS/400? However, with the coming of IBM iSeries, some industries have written off AS/400. Many industries believe that IBM AS/400 is outdated and pricey. Aside from that, there is a perceived lack of IT support for companies that move to the cloud.

There are companies that say criticisms about AS400 hosting are overstated. In fact, the growth of AS/400 leads to an increase in the IBM architecture cloud solution. It teamed up with Symmetry to implement AS/400 for a wider range of applications. At this point, AS/400 can host anything.

With this, there are many good reasons why several companies still utilise IBM AS/400. You should also follow their suit. Here are the reasons why your business should still stick with the classic AS/400:

It is built for performance and reliability 

IBM Power Systems want to preserve the legacy of AS/400. Keep in mind that AS/400 is built for performance and reliability. In fact, the AS/400 was designed to be bulletproof because of its massive hardware redundancy – especially at the upper end of its server line.

The AS/400 is high performing especially with CPUs three to five times more powerful than its competitors. This performance and reliability are ideal for SAP hosting since it requires low downtime.

AS400 hosting

It provides a range of options 

AS/400 provides a range of options, giving all industries a chance to benefit from it. AS/400 provides entry-level systems as well as high-powered ones. It also offers immense redundant servers for large enterprise and even scalable models for the ever-expanding data centers.

It is more expensive to switch 

If you decide to switch, the cost of the transformation will be more expensive. They say that AS/400 is pricey that is why many decided to switch but if you look at it closely, any price savings will not offset the expense as well as the disruption of switching to another platform.

Additionally, AS/400 is backward compatible. Switching could mean installing and configuring new software to update data. In the end, this is a challenge especially if you have been on that platform for many years. More importantly, switching is disruptive. Ultimately, it is a waste of money if you want to move to a different platform.

Final words 

As your needs grow, you can scale with the help of AS/400. For many businesses, the AS/400 is like a reliable friend that flourished along with you. It will be up to you to take that friendship to the next level, which will definitely benefit your business from performance and high uptime while reducing the costs, simplifying internal IT and enhancing flexibility.


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